Tertiary student testimonials

Tertiary student work experienceSimon D Alfonso, Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying)

What attracted you to the degree?
I really enjoyed Geography at school and I wanted to get involved somehow in a Geography based course so I went to an Open Day at RMIT. At the Open Day, I saw GIS packages and saw all the mapping of crime based activities, which I thought was really cool.

Are there opportunities to work in the industry while studying?
There is plenty of work out there for Surveyors. Companies always need assistance so you can gain some great experience while studying and earn some good money.

What has been your favourite subject/course – why?
I loved the hands on aspect of the course; we went out in the field every week.
The Engineering and Surveying camps are great fun too.

What have you been up to since you Graduated?
My career path has changed a bit from when I first started working. Through uni I was working as an Assistant of Engineering and when I graduated, I was employed to work with Emerging Spatial/Surveying technologies full-time.

Jen Hogan, TAFE – Diploma of Surveyingtertiary student studying diploma of Surveying

What are you enjoying about the course and would you recommend it to someone else?
I enjoy that our class is small and I’ve made some friends as we all have similar interests and we help each other. I would recommend it to others that have similar interests including; being outdoors, working at different places everyday and enjoy maths.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy my job as I am always learning new things. I also enjoy being outdoors always in different suburbs and that it is close to my house.

What is the Surveying industry like to work in?
It’s interesting to work in as a lot of the time people ask what you actually do. We are not just the guys that hold a stick and legs beside the road. We survey and measure the land, for subdivisions. We also measure to see how high or low the property is above or below sea level.