Is Surveying for me?

Surveying is the perfect career for those who are good at maths, have an interest geography, science or IT and like the variety of being indoors and outdoors.

It also helps if you have good organisational skills, are able to measure accurately, good at problem solving and working both individually and as part of a team.

What is it like to study Surveying?

Studying Surveying offers lots of interesting and diverse experiences. It combines a unique mix of learning with both theoretical and practical hands-on field-work projects.

Smaller course sizes allow students a better opportunity to mingle and develop friendships with like-minded people, proving a great support during the University years.

The structure of the courses often allows you to work while at Uni, which means you can earn some money while getting valuable experience while you study.

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What are my job prospects?

Surveying graduates are constantly in high demand in Australia, both in the city and country areas, working for private practice in small, medium or larger organisations, or for government bodies such as Land Victoria. This means the jobs are plentiful, reflected in the 95% of students finding work within 4 months after graduating.

Starting salaries for Surveying graduates are excellent and are expected to continue growing given the increasing demand for new people to enter the industry.

A survey conducted by McCrindle research* in 2013, the national demand for new Surveyors means graduates are more likely to secure real jobs in surveying compared with many other professions. An average of 90% of graduates in full-time employment earn a median starting salary of $52,000.

Land Surveyors can undertake further studies to become Licensed Surveyors which provides greater opportunity for career advancement or ability to establish and run their own business. Salaries for recently Licensed Surveyors are approximately $90,000.

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*Generation Z: The most overrated and underrated degrees, McCrindle Research, published 20 January 2014.