Experience surveying at school

Maths in Surveying Incursion

It can be a challenge motivating students, especially when it comes to mathematics. To help students see the practical application of maths, the NSW Surveying Taskforce has developed the ‘Maths in Surveying incursion’.

This free event is designed for students to apply maths to real world situations using Surveying techniques and technology with the aim to introduce them to Surveying and encourage them to continue studying higher level maths in secondary school.

The incursion is held at your school and customized to school and student needs where possible. Surveying activities, supported with mathematics worksheets are run for 1-2 hours, with pre- and post-event activities for maths teachers to run providing additional engagement opportunities. Surveyor(s) attend the school, bringing surveying technology for students to use during the activities. Ideally suited to a small class or group of ~20 maths students whom are invited to attend according to interest.

If you would like us to organize an incursion at your school with your maths department, send us an email at trysurveying@alifewithoutlimits.com.au, and we’ll check availability in your local area.