Meet a Survey Assistant

Briannan Ross, Survey Assistant at Fyfe Pty Ltd.

Length of time working in Surveying:

1 year 3 months

Qualifications (completed and/or studied):

Currently studying Cert IV surveying

What does a typical day at work involve?

Here, there is no such thing as a typical day. I’ve worked on the islands such as Tiwi, Croker and Goulbourn; I’ve travelled to Pulumpa, Peppamenarti, Emu point and Manyallaluk numerous times. I have worked at the new prison being built at Howard Springs NT for many months. I also have done much work in the Darwin City and rural Darwin.

Everyday at work is different, whether it is starting earlier, the different job types and whereabouts you are working; it’s great getting to go to all the different places and not seeing the same thing everyday. Even the office side of it is different, always drawing up different plans of different places for the different reasons.

Tell us about your most interesting Surveying project?

My favourite surveying project was working at Croker Island. I love catching the charter planes, it’s always a highlight. We were doing house details, but working with locals made the job a lot more interesting. As an Indigenous myself, it was very intriguing to chat and work along side with the locals. I got a chance to have an insight to this way of life. It’s nice to know that some still take pride in their culture and want to preserve it. It was great working here as we got to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the gorgeous beaches that surrounded the outskirts of the community and enjoy the sea breeze.

And a little about yourself?

I was born in Katherine, NT, but grew up in Maitland, NSW. After completing my year 12 studies (2011) and achieving my HSC, I was accepted into Newcastle University for primary school teaching but decided to have a gap year and move in with my father in Darwin. I also love sports; I have been playing both basketball and netball for a number of years.

How did you first hear about Surveying?

I was taking part in an Indigenous pre-employment mining program in Batchelor NT which began March 2012.

What inspired you to choose Surveying over other options?

Whilst at the pre-employment mining course we were exposed to the many different types of jobs involved in the mines. With the program we are given job opportunities as companies offer employment to those involved. I was told Fyfe had two spots available and if you were interested that we were to go to an interview. I had no idea what Fyfe was about so I looked up the website and researched about surveying. Learning of the importance and sophistication of surveying, I took an interest in it and decided to put my hand up for the interview. Luckily, I was successful in the interview and here I am, still here.

What are your career goals?

At the moment completing my Cert IV, and then being able to go to University and completing the bachelor degree which will hopefully then lead me on to do further study to become a Licensed Surveyor.

What type of person do you think would enjoy a career in Surveying?

I think someone that doesn’t mind a little bit of maths and problem solving; is determined and motivated, enjoys both indoor and outdoor work would get the most enjoyment and job satisfaction out of surveying.

How would you describe Surveying as a career opportunity to other young people?

Surveying is great opportunity for young people; it has many avenues for them to take depending on what level they would like to achieve i.e. cert IV or degree. You then also have managerial roles that you may be interested in later. Surveying is a great career opportunity for young people because job opportunities are available interstate and overseas.

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