Student work experience

Interested in Geography, Maths, IT and the outdoors?
If this sounds like you, why not try out Surveying with a work experience placement.

Register your details here and we’ll make enquiries on your behalf. You could also ring your local Surveying firm and ask if they have any placements available.

Tom, who did work experience then went on to study Surveying said, “It was great…the Surveyors gave up their time to answer my questions and even took me out to help with a job for half the day. I chose to study Surveying because I was amazed at what Surveyors can do and how important they are…”

Secondary Student Work Experience Application - mobile

This service is available for NSW, SA and VIC secondary students only
  • Preferably mobile phone
    Students need to be 15 years or older prior to undertaking work experience. Please check the box above to confirm you meet this criteria.
  • Please include the reasons you are interested in doing work experience in Surveying

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