Secondary student testimonials

Emily Bracun, Year 11 Work Experience StudentSecondary student undertaking work experience

How did you first hear about Surveying?
I first heard about Surveying from my careers counselor at school.

What subjects are you interested in at school and how do they lead to Surveying?
At school I’m interested in Geography, Science, Health, P.E, Maths and Information Technology. These subjects can lead to surveying by learning the spatial concepts and elements of Geography, allowing me to understand and participate in Surveying. Maths also plays a very important part in Surveying when completing the fieldwork and sketches of the area, because everything has to be precise and in the correct places. The Information Technology course gave me a head start when learning to use the geometrical computer technology in surveying.

What made you want to get involved in the Surveying work experience program?
I was interested in picking something interesting to do for Work Experience in Year 10, keeping in mind that I enjoyed hands on jobs, computers and Geography at school. I read about Surveying and it all sounded so interesting, compared to a boring job in an office all day.

What did you do during the work experience program?
The work experience program was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, I actually enjoyed waking up to go surveying. Surveying allowed me to meet different types of people and do different jobs; travelling to a new house, street or work-site most days. We did things like marking pavements, taking measurements from the Theodolite on the tripod, measuring around people’s backyards and sketching areas on the computer software.

Tom Burchill, Year 10 Work Experience StudentSecondary school work experience student

How did you first hear about Surveying?
At the surveying task force exhibitors stand during The Age Career Expo at Caulfield Racecourse.

What made you want to get involved in the work experience program?
I wanted to know what surveyors could do and talk to surveyors about their job. I also wanted to decide if I was going to put surveying as one of my preferences for tertiary study.

What did you think of the work experience?
It was great because the surveyors gave up their time to answer my questions and even took me out to help with a job for half of the day. The firm I went to had many people with different jobs allowing me to see how many different types of jobs there are. All the surveyors welcomed me and each told me how they got into the profession.