Meet a Senior Licensed Surveyor

Kellie Dean, Senior Licensed Surveyor at REEDS Consulting.

Meet Kellie Dean
With more young people entering the Surveying profession, including females, and the increasing need for specialist advice in land development, the old stereotype of a Surveyor being a middle-aged man peering through a lens and trudging around a work-site in muddy boots is changing.

Kellie is one of the female Licensed Surveyors in Victoria who have helped pave the way for more women to enter the profession. Having been in the industry for more than 13 years, Kellie is a Senior Licensed Surveyor at Reeds Consulting and also the mother of two wonderful children. Meet Kellie Dean…

Please tell us a little about yourself:

I have two children aged 3 and 6 and cherish spending time with my family. I enjoy playing netball, all water sports and beach holidays. I balance my work and home life by working part time and I enjoy being an active member of my local community.

How did you first hear about Surveying?

In Year 12 I came across the course just before I put in my University preferences and it instantly appealed.

What inspired you to choose Surveying over other options?

I liked the mix of engineering and science.


What does a typical day at work involve?

Managing projects to ensure clients’ needs are met, which includes briefing surveying and drafting teams, checking plans and computations, report writing and correspondence, liaising with other consultants, referral authorities and councils. Some days I go on-site to measure buildings and check specific details of projects.

Tell us about your most interesting Surveying project.

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village subdivision in Parkville. This was a really unique subdivision using aspects of subdivision law that are not commonly used and required in depth research and expert knowledge to achieve the project outcomes. It was also a high profile project due to the site being used as the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village.Commonwealth-Games-Village-Masterplan

What appeals to you as a female working in the profession?

I am suited to this profession as I am organised, diligent and ambitious. I enjoy the problem solving and mathematics involved, together with the cadastral law and report writing aspects.

Are there any drawback or main challenges?

My main challenge is balancing home and work life. This would be the same in any career.

Why did you undertake your License and how has this benefited your career?

I undertook my License because I would like to be the most successful surveyor I can be and I would like to become a Director of a surveying company. This has benefitted me due to the knowledge gained and has allowed me to advance within my company to become a senior member of the leadership group. Both clients and colleagues look to me for specialist advice with respect to cadastral law, easements and covenants, title re-establishment surveys, plus land and building subdivisions.


Image 2: Copyright Victoria. Reproduced with the consent of the Surveyor-General.

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