Demand for Surveyors

There’s never been a better time to study surveying.

report by BIS Shrapnel published in December 2014 on behalf of the ACS National, has forecast a shortage of surveyors across Australia, which means increased job opportunities for students considering a career in surveying over the next 10 years.

Australian Results

In Australia there are currently 2,476 Registered/Licensed Surveyors, however there is demand for 3,033 Surveyors. This means we need 556 more Registered/Licensed Surveyors to meet the current labour requirements.

Fast-forward ten years. By 2024, it is predicted that the shortfall of Registered/Licensed Surveyors will increase to 1,028. That’s a significant increase in new opportunities.

The Stats
Year Workforce Demand Gap
2015 2,476 3,033 556
2024 1,481 2,509 1,028


While many industries are currently suffering a drop in jobs, this is certainly not the case for the surveying profession. Recent graduates can feel confident in finding work and enjoying a secure and lasting career.

New South Wales

The New South Wales forecast shows a similar trend. From 2015 the gap between the number of surveyors and the number of surveyors needed will rise from 341 persons to 836 by 2021. That’s almost double the current number of registered surveyors in NSW.

Surveyor shortage News South Wales

The Australian Government has also reported in a recent release (June 2014) that the Current Labour Market Rating for ‘Surveyor’ has been classified as ‘shortage’. Vacancies are not being filled and on average there aren’t enough suitable applicants per vacancy.


Whilst demand is currently moderate in Victoria, secondary students who commence University studies and continue with post university training to become a Licensed Surveyor will be in demand by the time they have completed.

BIS ShrapnelFor more information on the demand study conducted by BIS Shrapnel on behalf of ACS National, please see the following report.