Where can I get more information on Surveying?

Make an appointment with a local Surveying firm to take an office tour and find more about day to day work or even if there are work experience opportunities. Contact your local Uni or Tafe and speak to a Lecturer or Course Advisor about what the courses entail. See ‘Where to Study’ NSW, SA or VIC for more details. Alternatively contact us at trysurveying@alifewithoutlimits.com.au and we’ll put you in touch.

What kind of salary can I expect for a graduate or qualified Surveyor?

Since Surveyors are in high demand, salaries on offer are excellent and will continue to grow as the industry seeks to employ new talent. Graduate Surveyors can start on a $55-60k p.a. salary depending on where they work and the type of work they are involved in (see article on average graduate salaries here). Outback and offshore work pays considerably more.

Are there many Surveying jobs on offer?

The diversity of jobs available in Surveying is broad and varied. With rapid changes in technology, Surveyors with a technical specialisation are in high demand. Some graduates work in the government or in the private sector as a consultant or in construction (eg. bridges, tunnels and roads) engineering, urban and town planning and a range of government and semi-government authorities. Many Surveyors run their own business in cadastral and town planning Surveying. It is the diversity and variety that makes Surveying an enjoyable and rewarding profession.

Is there an opportunity to travel for work?

Surveying allows you to work in interesting places. Some graduates travel the world doing seismic surveys, oil exploration, hydrographical (waterways) surveys or working offshore with drilling rigs and rural town planning.

What prerequisites such as mathematics do I need to study Surveying?

University Maths (B and 5 or above) or Maths Extension 1 (Recommended) or above. Recommended study: one science related subject, e.g. Physics. Qualifies for the SACE or Recorded achievement is five SACE subjects taken at Stage 2 level or Included at least four Stage 2 subjects which are approved Higher Education Selection Subjects (HESS). Maths Methods + English.

Tafe Mathematics + English. Satisfactory completion of SACE Stage 2 (or equivalent). Maths + English
(Completed Year 12).

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